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To be stabbed or not to be stabbed; how to keep it from happening to you?

Just recently a breaking news story was of a multiple stabbing on a California college campus by a student. You may have heard the news. Details indicate he planned to ultimately harm many of his fellow students. None of the victims were armed with even the most basic of defense tools. A nearby worker, heard the commotion, and opened the door to the room where the attack was occurring. His reward was to be stabbed. What if just one person had been armed with an affective self defense tool? What if more than one person had been armed with a self defense tool? A tool that would have provided a self defense range to provide the defender a safety buffer, allowing others to safely escape, while also incapacitating the attacker. How would the outcome have been different?

If just one or more individuals in that room had had the appropriate self defense tool the results would have been very different. Pepper spray, with a minimum effective range of six feet, often more, even if the assailant were able to reach his closest target, others could have easily reached the assailant from a safe distance with their pepper spray. The nearby worker would have still heard the commotion and opened the door, most likely not getting stabbed due to the quick incapacitation of the assailant. The police would have called who would have been able to further control the attacker with no loss of life and more importantly no one else getting hurt. You never know when you will need to defend yourself or others. It is always best to be armed with the most legally potent tool available. In many areas of the country Pepper spray fills both the potency and legal categories for self defense tools.

Remember; always be Proactive, Pre-armed, Prepared, and Protected.

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