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  • Stun Guns vs. Tasers

    Stun guns are close proximity defense weapons that generate 200,000 volts and more. They are mostly used my law enforcement agents and securities to subdue intruders or takers without inflicting too great a damage. When triggered, they generate high voltage and low currents, this is designed so to make sure minimal damage is done to the aggressor. The aggressor only becomes incapacitated for a few minutes before regaining consciousness. It makes the aggressor lose control of his/her nervous system, leading to temporary paralysis, giving enough time for the victim to escape or call for help, and in the case of a police officer, it gives him enough time to cuff the criminal and call for support. Stun guns are very good aggressor friendly self defense equipment’s.
    The stun gun works by triggering it and pressing it against the attackers body making him/her absorb the high voltage and low current released. This will produce a muscle disabling effect and the attacker will temporary pass out. The high voltage is produced at the edges of the charge generating electrode, this makes the stun gun a close range defense equipment. Victims would have to be close enough to press these electrode edges against the attacker body to make it absorb the high voltage produced. The attacker will suffer from excruciating pain for a few moment, the muscles will spasm and his blood sugar level drop making him pass out for a few moment giving the victim time to escape.

    Stun guns comes in various handy shapes and sizes such as the cell phone stun gun, stun gun flash light, stun baton, stun pen, raptor stun gun, stun stick and a few others, this makes them easy to operate and carry.
    It is very efficient and effective in cases of close range attack. It can be easily applied when the attacker has already grabbed the victim.
    It require less or no accuracy at all. It can be handle by anyone. No special training is required to use a stun gun.
    One of the greatest advantage of a stun gun is that it doesn’t get to hurt the user. Considering that it is a close range defense equipment, during application, there might be close contact between the victim and the attacker. The attackers’ body in this sense absorbs the whole charge, making the equipment harmless to the user.
    There is a wide variety of them to choose from. There are pocket size, flashlights and even baton shaped stun guns.
    They are more cost effective when compared to tasers. Stun guns do not require replacement firing cartridge since most of them are rechargeable and can be used on the go.
    One disadvantage of using a stun gun is that the attacker must be close enough before it can be used. It can only function in close range attacks, this might be useless in cases whereby the attacker is holding a more dangerous weapon like a gun. It could also not come in handy when the attacker sneaks up to the victim from behind, or from the victims blind spot.

    Tasers are hand held electroshock muscular disruption devices that use electric current to disrupt muscle activity and leave an aggressor incapacitated. They can be used in both a far and close range assault. Tasers unlike stun guns contain two probe metal darts carrying high voltage that can be shot over 15 feet to attack the aggressor from distance away. It could also be used in a close proximity assault as in a stun gun.

    It performs essentially the same function as a stun gun but does it better. Tasers literally perform the function of a stun gun and can also shoot metal darts carrying charges just like a gun shoots bullet. This functions make it more preferred to stun guns. Its function of shooting metal probe darts carrying charges is called “probe mode”. The probe mode works by firing two metal probe darts carrying a high voltage and low current which is connected to the Taser through insulated wire into the targets skin or cloths. The ejection of the probes from the Taser gun completes a circuit and make current flow into the metal probe darts through and insulated wire. On touching the attacker, this delivers high voltage which causes excruciating pain and immobilizes the attacker. Its other function which is similar to that of the stun gun is called the “drive stun mode”. The metal darts probe are not shot when the Taser is used in this form. They are simply pressed against the attackers’ skin just like in stun guns. When tasers are used in this mode, they do not immobilize or paralyze the attacker, they only deliver excruciating pain for few minutes which gives enough time for the victim to escape or the police officer to subdue the attacker. The drive stun mode also comes in handy for immobilization of an attacker when the probe mode fails.
    They can be easily used to subdue aggressive, violent or aggressive law offenders by police officer at a very safe distance of up to 15 feet.
    Laser dot tracers are incorporated into some to improver shooters aim.
    They possess inbuilt stun guns in case the attacker gets too close or the shooter misses target.

    It delivers current for up to 30 seconds giving enough chance for law enforcement to subdue an aggressive offender or for a victim to escape from an attacker.

    It might not be functional in some environments such as on stair cases due to the fear of the tasered person falling and hitting his/her head which might lead to complications or beside flammable material due to the risk of explosion.
    Prolonged use might lead to minor injuries such as blisters, irritation and laceration of skin in the attacker.
    Both metal probe darts must hit the attacker for the Taser gun to deliver current into the attacker. This might not occur if the shooters aim is not so perfect or the attacker is in motion.
    Taser guns are more expensive to purchase and manage as a replacement of the firing cartridge and battery is required over the period of usage unlike the stun gun which only requires charging.

  • Why I prefer pepper spray to a handgun for first line defense.

    I just want to preface this by saying this is a personal choice for when I am by myself. When out with family, a firearm is preferable as I am protecting more than just myself. In addition I am blessed to have had the opportunity to study from some great martial arts instructors over the last 34 years and am confident of my abilities.

    In any self defense situation a number of factors are present that may preclude using a firearm.

    • If in a crowd are you sure you will not hit an innocent bystander? If you do will they survive? If not at best you will be charged and likely spend time in jail. Not good!
    • Are you properly trained to use a firearm in a defensive situation? Do you continually train those learned skills?
    • Have you seen the price of ammo? It is not cheap. To be very proficient with a firearm it takes a lot of practice which equates to a lot of time and money. If you are on a budget this may be hard to do.
    • Can you quickly and efficiently deploy your weapon from a concealed carry position?
    • If you carry open are you properly trained in weapons retention techniques?
    • Are you ready for the consequences, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically of shooting or killing another human.

    On the other hand:

    • Pepper spray can be carried ready to use in your hand in most any situation without drawing undue attention to yourself.
    • If you have to use your pepper spray in a crowd for whatever reason, hitting someone else accidentally will not be life threatening and you most likely will not face legal action.
    • The best way to carry your pepper spray is in your hand ready to use, you do not need to draw it from concealment.
    • Pepper spray is safe to use, easy to employ, and inexpensive to purchase and practice with. Pepper spray just makes a sensible choice as a first line of defense.

    Remember; always be Prepared, Pre-armed, Proactive, and Protected.


  • To be stabbed or not to be stabbed; how to keep it from happening to you?

    Just recently a breaking news story was of a multiple stabbing on a California college campus by a student. You may have heard the news. Details indicate he planned to ultimately harm many of his fellow students. None of the victims were armed with even the most basic of defense tools. A nearby worker, heard the commotion, and opened the door to the room where the attack was occurring. His reward was to be stabbed. What if just one person had been armed with an affective self defense tool? What if more than one person had been armed with a self defense tool? A tool that would have provided a self defense range to provide the defender a safety buffer, allowing others to safely escape, while also incapacitating the attacker. How would the outcome have been different?

    If just one or more individuals in that room had had the appropriate self defense tool the results would have been very different. Pepper spray, with a minimum effective range of six feet, often more, even if the assailant were able to reach his closest target, others could have easily reached the assailant from a safe distance with their pepper spray. The nearby worker would have still heard the commotion and opened the door, most likely not getting stabbed due to the quick incapacitation of the assailant. The police would have called who would have been able to further control the attacker with no loss of life and more importantly no one else getting hurt. You never know when you will need to defend yourself or others. It is always best to be armed with the most legally potent tool available. In many areas of the country Pepper spray fills both the potency and legal categories for self defense tools.

    Remember; always be Proactive, Pre-armed, Prepared, and Protected.

  • Attempted group attack

    I was speaking with a lady today when she relayed to me an incident that happened to her brother. As he was driving he saw a man in the road without a shirt on who appeared as though he may be hurt. When her brother slowed down to check on the man a group of young men came running out of hiding towards his car. Obviously this was a set-up to take advantage of a Good Samaritan. It is a sad day indeed when you need to be concerned about whether the person who appears to need your help is really trying to lure you into an ambush. I know it is probably the oldest trick in the book but where I grew up we had more respect for others and knew that if our Dads ever caught us doing anything like this the price would be very high.

    Luckily no one was hurt and the ladies brother was able to drive away. Just think though what could have happened if the group had caught him off guard. What if their timing had been better and they had waited until he was further from his vehicle. they would have caught him off guard and who knows what the outcome would have been. I'll go out on a limb here and predict that the results would not have been good for the driver. What if instead of a man able to react in time he had instead been a much older person not able to react as quickly. The situation would have ended much worse. That is why no matter what your age, or gender, as long as it is legal for you to carry self defense products, you need to carry them with you at all times and be ready to use them instantly. Use good judgement and avoid trouble but went trouble comes to you, take care of it in the best way possible.

    Remember; be Proactive, Pre-armed, Prepared, and Protected.

  • Afraid to use her pepper spray?

    I ran into a young lady the other day whom I had met before and noticed a pepper spray on her key chain. When I see this I always ask how old it is because most people are unaware that pepper sprays do have an effective shelf life of about two years. She said it was about a year old, so far so good. I then asked her if she practices with it. Sadly her answer was no. How then, I asked, are you going to develop the hand-eye coordination to be able to use it properly? “To be honest” she said “I would be afraid to use it.” I asked, why? She just shrugged her shoulders and said “I don’t know.” Continuing our conversation I told her that in order to become familiar with and proficient at using her pepper spray she needed to practice using it. Her reaction indicated that the idea had never occurred to her. Yes, you do need to practice because in a stressful situation, such as being attacked, your fine motor skills quickly deteriorate unless trained over time , just like driving a car must be practiced before you can get you drivers license. You have to develop that muscle memory, just as you do for safe driving, that will enable you to safely and accurately deploy your pepper spray.

    Well, there is a small problem with using your pepper spray for practice. You eventually use it up and have to buy a new one. Though generally inexpensive the cost will add up; great for my business but bad for your wallet. The solution is inert pepper spray canisters. Which allow you to practice safely, without pepper spraying yourself or friends, who probably won’t be very friendly much longer, for less money. You can then safely develop that precise hand-eye coordination necessary if you ever need to use your spray in self defense.

    Remember; be Proactive, Pre-armed, Prepared, and Protected.

  • Gunman taken down with pepper spray

    Would I take pepper spray to a gun fight? Well, probably not if I had a choice but if it was the only defense tool available I would be glad I had it rather than nothing at all. Read on.

    On the small peaceful Oregon Seattle Pacific University campus, just days before graduation, a deranged man decided to open fire on students. The assailant had a shot gun and tragically managed to kill one student while wounding three others before he was taken down while reloading his shotgun. The heroic student who instigated the take down used the pepper spray that he was known for carrying. He was then joined by other students who helped tackle the shooter and hold him down for police.

    In our society where many people own firearms and some choose to use them to commit crimes the lowly pepper spray may not seem like the defensive tool of choice. However, the above story demonstrates that in the hands of someone who apparently had some training to have the hand eye coordination demonstrated, pepper spray is not a bad second choice. With some units sporting an effective range of up to 18 feet in certain situations you just may have the ability to change what could become a very bad situation. If that young man had not had his pepper spray and the fortitude to act to protect others many more people would have lost their lives. Score one for the simple but very effective pepper spray. And praise for the hero who used it.

    Remember; be Proactive, Pre-armed, Prepared, and Protected.

  • 9 Great reasons to choose Pepper Spray

    Why choose to carry pepper spray? Here are a number of reasons to carry pepper spray.

    • Convenience: pepper spray is perhaps the most convenient and easy to carry self defense tool available.
    • Affordable: prices range from $5.00 to $60.00 depending on the type, style, and size.
    • Non lethal: Shoot the bad guy with a firearm and you might go to jail or at least spend time in court. Shoot the bad guy with pepper spray he still goes down but you do not have to worry jail or courts.
    • Legal to carry: pepper spray is legal in most localities for persons over 18. See “Product laws and restrictions” at the bottom of my home page.
    • Easy to use: all you need is a simple movement of a finger to deactivate the safety, the hand – eye coordination to hit your target, and a cool head to make it happen.
    • Easy to train: simple operation and you can even purchase inert sprays to practice with anywhere anytime.
    • Safety: Safe to use indoors or in a crowd.
    • Predictable results: the effects of pepper spray are predictable and dependable.
    • Cover your butt protection: if you have used your pepper spray but find it necessary to employ further more deadly means of defense, you have demonstrated that you have used every means to stop the attacker without deadly force but were forced to employ the self defense of last resort. You may still need to make a court appearance but are more likely to not be in trouble.

    Nine great reasons to use pepper spray as the primary lynch pin in your self- defense arsenal. With an established 6 ft minimum spray distance, most farther than that, you have the opportunity to spray, get away, and stay safe for another day.

    Remember; always be Proactive, Pre-armed, Prepared, and Protected!

  • Common questions about pepper spray - Fog and Gel/Foam sprays

    O.K. now for part two; this time we’re covering fog and gel/foam.

    1. Fog: The fog is one I would relegate to inside use. It can be easily redistributed by a heavy breeze and possibly blown back towards you. The advantage of the fog is that you can create many “barriers” of pepper spray fog by using the spray and move method that an assailant will need to get through to reach you. The bad guy has to breathe sometime and when he does he gets a lung full of fine particle spray that has that nasty pepper oil in it. Additionally, he must open his eyes in order to see, that’s when he will get it in his eyes. If you have ever been in a fog bank or heavy mist you will know how this works.


    1. Gel and foam: I really like the idea behind this spray as it combines different ingredients to create a super effective whole. Not only does it have the capsicum, the active ingredient in pepper spray, it also includes a gel or foam which makes the spray less affected by a breeze and causes it to stick to the assailants face. The more they try to rub it off the worse it burns. Sometimes these sprays will include a UV dye to aid in the identification and apprehension of the bad guy. Average range is 8 to 10 feet some spray farther.


    I hope you have gained, from the last few posts, a good working knowledge of the different types of pepper spray and are now able to make the right decision in purchasing the correct pepper spray for you.

    Remember; always be Proactive, Pre-armed, Prepared, and Protected!

  • Common Questions about Pepper Spray - stream and cone patterns

    Now that you have a good idea of what happens when the bad guy gets sprayed. Let’s figure out which type is best for you. There are four main types of pepper spray, descriptions of which I will divide into two parts:

    1. Stream: The stream pattern is less affected by a breeze and delivers a concentrated amount on target. However you must be accurate and have more control over your fine motor skills under stress. Stream pepper sprays generally have greater range, up to 25 feet. The range is mostly a result of the concentrated stream and size of the spray canister. The stream pattern is commonly available in stores however the very long range pepper sprays are harder to find in stores and are more easily found on the internet.
    1. Cone: The pattern of which is that of, well, a cone, it generally will have a shorter range, still within acceptable self defense effectiveness. The cone allows for some leeway in hand-eye coordination as the contact area of the cone is larger. The down side is that it is not as concentrated at the target, though still very effective, and it can be more blown off target by a breeze to the point of having it blown back on you. Having it blown back on you is obviously a problem but it would have to be a pretty strong breeze. In a more closed area such as an apartment or parking garage this would not be an issue and allow the wider delivery pattern to work more for you.

    In any case when using your pepper spray, just as in using a firearm, keep firing until your opponent is down and no longer a threat.

    Remember; always be Proactive, Pre-armed, Prepared, and Protected!


  • Common questions about pepper spray

    One of the most common questions I hear about pepper spray is: which should I buy? Well, that all depends on where you will most likely use it and what you find most comfortable. Let’s start with how pepper spray works. The ingredient responsible for the effects of pepper spray does indeed come from the oils of the humble pepper. The intensity of the burn is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU) or American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) pungency units the difference being that SHU is a human dependant measure while the ASTA units are determined in a lab. Most pepper spray strengths are reported as a percentage, usually 10% or 18%, of a certain SHU between 2 and 5 million. On average the ATSA measurement is slightly less than the SHU for each pepper species but however you measure it, something that renders 5 million SHU, whatever the percentage is going to have a nasty effect on an assailant. Okay, so what does this mean for you? What can you expect from your pepper spray? Once the spray hit the eyes the affects are almost immediate causing the blood vessels in the eye to expand dramatically making the bad guy’s eyes shut involuntarily. The eyes will tear up tremendously impeding the ability to see. One other result will be temporary blindness. Of course when you hit the eyes the spray will also hit the skin causing an intense burning sensation. Next we move to the respiratory system, the mucus membranes of the nose and throat will swell to the point that breathing is severely hampered, the sinuses will also start to dump. The overall affects on the respiratory system will be severely impaired breathing, coughing, and a very runny nose. These affects will last approximately 45 minutes allowing you plenty of time to exit the area and contact the police.

    In the next post I will discuss the different types of pepper spray, their advantages and disadvantages.

    Remember; always be proactive, pre-armed, prepared, and protected!

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